Işık University was founded in 1996 by the Fayez Schools Association, which is considered one of the oldest educational institutions in Türkiye. The university has two campuses in a charming natural environment close to modern city life, on an area of ​​490,000 square metres, including all modern facilities (classrooms, libraries, social and sports facilities, art galleries) and everything that enhances university life for students to become successful in their professional and personal lives.

Işık University includes 5 faculties, 2 graduate institutes, and 2 vocational schools.

The university aims to enlighten society through science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics. The university also works to qualify and train students to meet life's challenges and support the education system in Turkey. In addition to the above, Işık University aims to establish relationships with international universities in order to give its students opportunities to participate in student exchange.