Do You Want to Study in Turkey?

ABC Turkey has Turkish legal licenses that qualify us to provide student registration service in schools and universities through our agents in various countries of the world. We are ready to provide you with all the facts about schools and universities regarding the availability of seats and the documents required for application. We have high confidence in our ability to provide the best options and prices for your education. Please contact us on WhatsApp to obtain all information regarding the education you desire.

  • High School
  • Education according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education in your country.
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  • Bachelor
  • Accredited certificates from the best universities in all specializations.
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  • MSc
  • Master’s degree from universities equipped for all specializations.
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  • PhD
  • Doctoral programs with distinguished university professors.
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Information for Students ...

  • Türkiye is one of the best countries where you can study, whether in public or private universities.

    - Turkish public universities are internationally recognized.
    - The cost of studying in public universities are very low compared to the rest of the world.
    - There are Turkish public universities that allow you to study in English.
    - There are a large number of public universities in Türkiye that are distinguished by the quality of education.
    - There are many prestigious Turkish universities that you can join through a scholarship.
    - Universities are equipped with the latest laboratories and scientific equipment.

    To learn more about universities and their programs Click here for Public Universities or Click here for Private Universities.
  • The conditions for admission to public universities in Turkey are somewhat difficult, especially for medical and engineering specializations, as admission to most universities now requires the Turkish YÖS test or international tests such as the American SAT, but of course there are also a good number of universities that accept students with high school diplomas only. Documents that students need in order to apply to Turkish universities are as follows:

    - A copy of the high school diploma, which must be translated and certified by a notary.
    - A copy of the student’s passport, provided that it is valid at the time of submission.
    - A personal photo with a white background that is completely clear.
    - A Turkish language certificate, if any, and if it does not exist, the student applying for admission will be subjected to the TOMER exam.
    - Some universities require YÖS or SAT exclusively to apply to the university, and others accept the high school diploma.
    - Latest university degree for Master’s and Doctoral programs.

    You can get complete information through this link. You can also send your information to us through submitting the application.

Clients Testimonials

Ahmad Danoun

Ahmad Danoun

One of the best offices for students, and I am currently in the city of Avcılar. They offered me the YOS exam, admission to University, helped me with housing, and they kept communicating with me every day with everything I needed.
Saeed Mraiji

Saeed Mraiji

A distinguished office in all student transactions. I was one of the students I dealt with a year ago, and I found nothing but appreciation, respect, and credibility in dealing. From my heart, thank you.
Moeen Owaidah

Moeen Owaidah

Great office, very respectful and nice to deal with. Any student who wants to study in Turkey, I advise him to do so only through them. Thank you, and I wish you continued success.

Türkiye At A Glance

What is the official name of the country? Republic of Türkiye
What is the official language? Turkish
What is the population? 85 million
What is the currency? Turkish Lira
What is the time zone? UTC +3
What is the calling code? +90